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7 min

Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a global celebration that honors the social, economic, cultural, and political...
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5 min

How ALOHA Became Climate Neutral Certified in 2023

Our mission at ALOHA has always been centered around one key principle: we create delicious,...
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1 min

Meet the Artist Behind the Kona Bar

Meet Kelsie Dayna Kalohi, a Honolulu-based artist and proud O‘ahu native, infusing charm into every...
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3 min

ALOHA's PCR Packaging & Recycled Plastics

  Recycled plastics are the materials that have been used, processed and reused to create...
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3 min

Fair Trade Certification: People, Planet, and Products

Every 13th of the month of May, we celebrate World Fair Trade Day. It’s a day worthy of...
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