Meet the Artist Behind the Kona Bar

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Meet Kelsie Dayna Kalohi, a Honolulu-based artist and proud O‘ahu native, infusing charm into every piece of art she creates. Heavily influenced by her upbringing, Kelsie aspires to bring fun and smiles into the humdrum of everyday life. Her artistic style is colorful and vibrant, with empowering and thoughtful undertones—a perfect match for the ALOHA’s special edition, Kona bar.


Previously a marketing executive, Kelsie made the decision to pursue her long-time passion of making art during the pandemic. Her advice to other young artists? “Go after your dreams, or whatever is calling you in life,” says Kalohi.


Join us as Kelsie gives us a glimpse into what inspired her illustrations for the Kona bar and discusses her journey as a creator.


For more information or to view and purchase art, please visit Kelsie Dayna at 



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