Staying The Path

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Everyday we are presented with new experiences, challenges, and decisions that shape our path to wellness. It could be choosing to get an extra hour of sleep one night or skipping that third cup of coffee in the afternoon, each day gives us opportunities to better ourselves and our health. 


But we’ve noticed that while we may experience many highs and lows in a day, we tend to focus more on the lows or our perceived failures. This can be especially true when it comes to our health journey -- you remember that cupcake you caved into eating at work but not that you ate a fresh salad for lunch. Or, you're caught up on the fact that you were a few pounds heavier at your last doctor’s visit but not that your blood pressure was the best it’s ever been. 


This is simply not the ALOHA way. We want you to celebrate the progress you make on the path each day and we want that path to be a happy one. Essentially, we want you to create a happier path to healthy. 


Every step you take is worthy of recognition and should motivate you forward. But as we all 

know, life can be chaotic, especially these days. Don’t let that get in the way of your path. When life gets hectic, here are a few tips to help you stay on a happier path to healthy. 


Celebrate Each Win, Even The Small Ones 

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Wins can come in many different forms, like getting that big promotion at work you’ve been 

trying so hard for. But it can also be something as seemingly small as drinking enough water 

throughout the day or trying a new vegetable for dinner. Celebrate each victory, no matter how big or small. It will make for not just a healthy path forward but a happier one, too. 


Cheer On Others 


Like the old saying goes “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” We could all use a little support every now and then. Would it make you feel good if someone complimented you on how nice your skin looks since you’ve been drinking more water or how delicious your 

healthy lunch looks? If the answer is yes, chances are it would make other people feel good too. 


So the next time you see your coworker pack a nutritious lunch or see a new face in yoga class, 

give them props. We are all forging our own paths to healthy and a little support can go a long 



Avoid An All or Nothing Mindset 

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It can be easy to fall into an all or nothing mentality, especially when it comes to healthy habits. 

Maybe you had clear intentions to eat healthy this week, but ended up going out to dinner and 

having a bit more to eat and drink then you would have liked. Your mindset quickly switches 

from that of healthy intentions to that of “I blew it”. Next thing you know, all the intentions you 

had set for the week have gone out the window and your left feeling defeated. But have you 

really blown anything? No! Instead, savor a good meal and continue on your path. 


We all are on our own path to healthy and sometimes staying the path can be hard, especially 

when life throws itself at you. Instead of straying from the path, hold steady and embrace each 

day as a chance to forge ahead and make positive decisions for you and your health. The more 

you embrace the good and let go of the bad, the happier your path will be. 



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