Aloha Adventures: Sam Ortiz

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This summer, we've invited friends and Aloha fans across the country to share their summer adventures with us. From urban hikes and remote climbs to stroller runs and everyday errands, we've learned that adventure is a mindset. And it's one empowered by good snacks. We believe Great Ingredients Lead to Great Adventures. Where will you go this summer? #AlohaAdventures

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Who: @samortizphoto, Adventure Photographer, Search & Rescue Volunteer, and founder of @biggirlsclimbtoo, an inclusive community for climbers who identify as womxn or non-binary

What: An alpine scramble

Where: Exploring the snowfields between 6,000-10,000 ft on the flanks of Mt Rainier, Washington's largest volcano, near Camp Muir, the mountain's basecamp

Why: Training to one day summit this 14,411 ft technical, glaciated volcano

Mount Rainier, with an elevation of 14,411 ft, is large enough to create its own weather. This is why those who make the trek to its base camp are encouraged to be ready for sudden snow blizzards even during the warmest summer months.

It’s no surprise then, that on this particular day with a forecast of ‘sunny’, Rainier remained shrouded in fog, never allowing us to glimpse her full, glaciated beauty.

Still, the trek to explore the snowfields around Rainier’s basecamp reaped plenty of visual reward. All you have to do is turn around to see another stunning range, the Tatoosh mountains. In fact, if you look closely at these photos, you might even see that behind the Tatoosh are two more of Washington’s towering volcanoes. You can see Mt Adams, whose summit is 12,280 and the infamous Mount St Helens who blew her top in the 1980s and now sits at just 8,366 feet.

Summiting a glaciated alpine peak is no small task. People train for years to build the stamina needed to climb with heavy packs at elevations with air so thin. That’s why “conditioning” (or practice) treks like this are necessary.

Great nutrition to fuel alpine climbs is equally as necessary! Aloha's Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Drink made for sweet replenishment at the finish. 

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