Aloha Adventures: Alexandra Tallulah

This summer, we've invited friends and Aloha fans across the country to share their summer adventures with us. From urban hikes and remote climbs to stroller runs and everyday errands, we've learned that adventure is a mindset. And it's one empowered by good snacks. We believe Great Ingredients Lead to Great Adventures. Where will you go this summer? #AlohaAdventures

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Who: @tallulahalexandra, nutritionist, artist, and mother to Poe + Indie

What: A kayaking excursion on the Potomac

Where: Potomac River, Washington D.C.

Why: Just when I thought Andrew (my husband) and I had all our summer fun (these past few weeks have been so beautifully full, especially with our babies!), this morning he surprised me with a little kayaking adventure on the Potomac ☀️🛶! Just ten minutes from our front door. Just the two of us and the sunny sunshine. I’ve been in DC for over a decade and Andrew for over 30 years (he grew up right by the National Zoo!); we’d both kayaked as kids at summer camp and more recently on family vacations, but neither of us had ever been out in the city.

There’s a little dock right at the base of Georgetown, down a set of rainbow steps and nearly overflowing with paddle and sculling boats, canoes and kayaks. It’s mesmerizing. Stepping onto the dock feels like entering a different world – literal feet from our concrete and workweek hustle, we were engulfed by technicolor magic.

Andrew and I chose single kayaks, so we could both stretch out in the sunshine and relax while we paddled. We came ready with lots of water and Aloha’s plant based and 100% organic protein bars- Vanilla Almond Crunch has been our recent favorite, and you can’t go wrong with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- to keep us well fueled.

We spent nearly two hours out on the water: exploring, drifting, laughing, BEING. Because that’s what summer’s all about!