Aloha Adventures: LA Hike Club

This summer, we've invited friends and Aloha fans across the country to share their summer adventures with us. From urban hikes and remote climbs to stroller runs and everyday errands, we've learned that adventure is a mindset. And it's one empowered by good snacks. We believe Great Ingredients Lead to Great Adventures. Where will you go this summer? #AlohaAdventures


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Who: @lahikeclub, a monthly hiking club set in Los Angeles, California, founded and operated by three women with an unprecedented enthusiasm for hiking: Andrea, Madison, and Kelsey

What: A hike to Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills

Where: Los Angeles, CA

When: A start at 10:30am, finished by 12:30pm!

Why: As the founders and leaders of the LA Hike Club's monthly events, the 3 of us have made it a fun tradition to scout each trail before bringing the entire group along. This gives us a chance to prep and loosely plan our events. This time, we scouted the Griffith Observatory trail in the Hollywood Hills, one of our fave hikes in the city for the incredible views of the Hollywood sign and the gorgeous surrounding homes, challenging inclines, and the iconic observatory destination!

We believe the best hikes have a fun mix of stretch, cardio, friends, nature and discovery. And the Griffith Observatory trail makes it easy to make all that happen with tons of booty burning inclines to keep our heart pumping and endless hills of California native wildlife and plants to point out along the way (such as those Majestic Oak trees, or the stunning, Monarch butterfly)!

Even though we do take the time to scout beforehand, we know the hike won’t always go exactly according to plan, so we embrace the detours and love elements of surprise along the way! This time, we accidentally hit a dead end where we took the opportunity to do a quick stretch using the naturally fallen logs. We always make sure to make a couple stops and take a moment to breath while taking in the awesome views LA hills gift us with. After 3.2 miles of butt-burning incline, we finally reached the top! Each time we reach our hike summits, we celebrate with a fist pump and a group pic as we're really into celebrating every tiny victory. With all the scouting and planning for the day, making time to kick back on the Griffith Observatory lawn, reward ourselves with healthy Aloha protein bars and simply enjoy quality time as friends is most important to us. Today was a great success! We came, we trekked, and we conquered our fitness goals. Griffith Observatory trail hike was a great way to escape the city without escaping the city. Can't wait to share this hike with the group members!