Aloha Adventures: Kyle Whalum

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This summer, we've invited friends and Aloha fans across the country to share their summer adventures with us. From urban hikes and remote climbs to stroller runs and everyday errands, we've learned that adventure is a mindset. And it's one empowered by good snacks. We believe Great Ingredients Lead to Great Adventures. Where will you go this summer? #AlohaAdventures

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Who: @kylewhalum, a bass player and longtime Nashville native who prioritizes getting outside every day (yes, every day)

What: A morning hike to Warner Park

Where: Nashville, TN

When: The wee hours of the morning, before most of the city is awake

Why: After my morning mid-week trail run at Warner Park (5 miles from downtown Nashville and also coincidentally where I first discovered trail running!), I wanted to get another hour or so of time on my feet before I had to head to work, so I went home and grabbed my daughter, sensing my sweet wife could use a break. 

We went on a 3 mile loop she likes with plenty of hills, shade, and several animal sightings, including a rather large deer with antlers, wild turkeys, and a snake (oh my!). 

Hiking with my daughter has become one of my favorite activities because it has sooo many benefits.

We both put our screens down for an hour, we talk, we sweat (36 lbs on your back makes for some killer core-stability work…for one of us at least ;D) and most of all, we make memories that we’ll never forget!

I can't not mention that Aloha's protein bars make for the perfect post-run, mid-hike snack. With 100% plant based, non-GMO ingredients, delicious all-natural taste, and 14g of protein, I loved being able to throw a couple in the pack and keep it moving!

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