6 Organic and Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Traveling for the holidays? Then be prepared to spend some time setting up for your trip. We generally make a list of items to take.

Budget and itinerary are usually the first things, as they essentially define everything on a trip.

Then comes your items to pack. Glampackers are true to their nature. They don’t mind carrying their designer boots for a perfect selfie. On the other hand, it is easy to for backpackers to get together their belongings. They carry only a handful of things.

But bringing healthy food shouldn’t be optional on your packing list. Getting sick on while traveling is the last thing you would want, isn’t it? We may have to compromise on other things, but not on food.

Superstores these days are almost flooded with snacks and ready-to-eat meals. But little do we realize that most of these are not healthy.

That is why it is so important to take organic snacks that come from foods close to the ground, on your travels. They are free from additives and harmful chemicals, and definitely safer than other food products. Yes, they are a little expensive on pocket but absolutely worth those extra pennies.

In fact, in US alone organic food sales amounted to $47 billion last year (2016). In 2015, Statista also reported positive trends for global organic market which stood at $83 billion strong. This clearly signifies more people opting for organic foods in the recent years.

Before we list some of the lollies from our tuck shop, a few pointers to note –

Ensure you are picking foods that are easy to carry, come in friendly packaging and are low on oil and grease.

Especially if you are planning a road trip, you might prefer to carry foods that don’t slop and drop on every bump. See if you can eat them with bare hands. That way you are not required to carry any cutlery.

1. Nuts, Seeds and Dry fruits:

Consider taking nuts & dried fruits over fresh fruits. Since they are in dry from, they are easy to carry and remain fresh due to a longer shelf life.

Look for dried fruits without additives, as these are healthier. They are also high in fiber, which will support your digestive system during the trip.

Trips are full of outdoor activities so your body needs a constant dose of energy. Not only are they are nutrient dense but they also keep you energetic throughout the entire day.

2. Roasted Vegetable Snacks:

Add some variety and taste to your menu. We do not like to skip veggies in our daily diet.

Roasting takes the nutrition levels slightly down but if you get a hold of some good quality vegetable snacks, then they are great in terms of taste and nutrients.

Try to pick the ones that are roasted using fewer amounts of water and oil.

3. Whole-grain Crackers, Oats & Popcorns:

Time to add some carbohydrates. It is important to fuel your brain, heart and muscles all the time. They keep your body working. Carbohydrates not only aid in digestion but also relieve you from fatigue by lifting your mood.

Constant traveling or driving can be extremely exhaustive for some, and having healthy carbs on hand will keep your energy level up. Look for organic and whole-grain crackers, oats, or popcorn, as these are less refined and do not contain any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

4. Avocado:

Known as a superfood, Avocados are highly nutritious, packed with over 20 vitamins and minerals. Don’t let it’s high calorie count confuse you. Compared to cheese and butter, the calorie count is very small and doesn’t add to your belly as fast.

Avocados are important because they are a healthy fat and rich source of fiber. You must have some filling fats, especially if you’re heading north, to a place with a cooler climate. What more delicious way, than Avocados!

6. Protein Bars:

Protein is an essential nutrient to your body, helping muscle recovery, providing energy, and keeping you full for longer after your meals. A great way to get your protein while traveling or on a road trip is through bar form.

Protein bars, such as ALOHA’s Organic Plant-Based Protein Bars, will provide you with the essential energy you will need while traveling, are spill free and easy to munch on.

These are just some ideas out of many. There are numerous other foods you can take on your travels, however, it is important to choose those that are whole-foods based and organic. If you’re having trouble, take any of these snacks we have listed here. They are both healthy and delicious, so you can’t go wrong!