7 Ways to Commit to Self Love

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Self love is not always number one on the priority list, but it's arguably the key to becoming the best version of yourself. Take a moment to reflect on how much time and effort you put into making your friends, family, and animals feel loved. Imagine if you spent half as much energy filling your own cup. You'd be unstoppable in creating the life you desire to live and becoming the best version of yourself! Here are 7 simple ways you can commit to loving your true self.  


1. Accept a compliment

Next time someone gives you a compliment, don’t fight them on it or deflect the praise. Don’t overthink it—just accept it! There’s something about a compliment from someone you trust that can really brighten up your day. Spread the love by giving someone else a compliment that you know will be meaningful to them.  


Practicing self love

2. Show your mind and body self love

Showing self love to both your mind and body will make a world of difference in your well being. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get moving. This doesn’t mean you have to work out for hours or sign up for a half-marathon. For example, if you normally sit for most of the evening, challenge yourself to go for a walk after dinner or dance around while cleaning your house.  


ALOHA Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder to fuel workout

3. Wear something to express yourself 

Even if you struggle with your own self-image like so many of us do, you probably have a few items that make you feel like your best self. Simply wearing your favorite outfit, hairstyle, or makeup look can really help you raise your positive vibes. It can help you feel more authentically you when you take time to express yourself and embrace your unique qualities! By listening and trusting your inner voice instead of listening to others, you will be effortlessly guided to becoming the best version of yourself.  


Holding an ALOHA organic protein bar 

4. Think about the things you like about yourself

Challenge yourself to think of a few things that you like about yourself. When you commit and have patience, you can learn to focus more on the things you like or love about yourself – and spend less time on negative self-talk. When you believe that you are worthy, amazing, valuable, and beautiful, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  


Committing to forgiveness as woman reflects on the beach


5. Forgive yourself

Embracing self-compassion is so important for self love. It’s crucial to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and your shortcomings don’t make you any less worthy and valuable. Commit to giving yourself more empathy and kindness on a daily basis by reflecting on your actions without judgement. Forgive yourself for something that you’ve been holding a grudge about.  


Practicing forgiveness

6. Commit to daily kind acts for yourself

Make a promise to accomplish one kind act for yourself every day to commit to self love. It might mean eating your favorite fall combination of an iced coffee and a Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar. It could be partaking in your favorite hobby of creating art in order to express yourself. It might just mean giving yourself a break from your hard work and relaxing for an hour in the evening with a bubble bath and your favorite book. Remind yourself that you're always worth unconditional love and it is not something that you need to earn.  


Bubble bath to commit to self love

7. Take good care of your body

Part of loving yourself is committing to taking care of your body and putting your health first. After all, you only have one body, and it will only take care of you if you take care of it. That means provide your body with healthy fuel every day, such as plant-based protein, so you can keep doing the things you love.  

You can easily access high quality plant-based protein from ALOHA.com or find our protein bars locally. Whether you’re searching for protein bars near me or you want to try our limited-edition Pumpkin Spice flavor this fall, treat yourself to ALOHA. Fueling your body with 100% real, whole food ingredients is an act of self love because what you eat is intimately connected to how you feel.  


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Tracy Freese has almost a decade of experience as a health and wellness writer. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with an M.A in Communication. Some of her previous work includes writing for NessFeli Natural Skincare, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. She has a passion for helping small health and wellness business owners find their voices online. 


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