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The Ultimate Running Party is Coming to Scottsdale, AZ!

We're proud to be lululemon's official partner for their 10K tour in Scottsdale. Whether you're training for this race, another moment or just need that extra support - we've got this. This journey will be filled with information around nutrition, motivation and of course fun along the way. Follow along and we'd love to see all your #sweatyselfies so tag us on this journey!

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Ready. Set. Party. Whether you’re signing up for your first 10K or getting after another running goal, the lululemon 10K Tour is full to the brim with all-out cheer stations and on-course surprises.

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Shop the Lululemon Protein Pack

Prepping for the run or just want a delicious, healthy snack on-the-go? We’ve got you covered. Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified protein that tastes as good as it is for you.

12 bars in 6 mouth-watering flavors all packed with
14g of plant-based protein.

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Get the Official 10K Tour 10-Week Training Plan

As part of your registration, lululemon is offering all runners exclusive access to the LLL 10K Tour 10-week training plan.

Launching: September 4

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Share Your Journey

We want to keep up with you and your 10K journey. Whether it be a #sweatyselfie (no shame, these are our fav!) or a post-workout shake with our velvety smooth chocolate protein powder—we want to see it all! Follow and tag us on social @alohamoment.

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An Eco-Friendly Experience Start to Finish

Like ALOHA, lululemon knows the importance of their environmental responsibility and reducing their carbon footprint. From recycling bins throughout every check-in of the event, compost bins, and finally a green team to help make sure recycled materials make their way to the right place, the 10K Tour will be one for the planet.

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Tips, Tricks and Recipes

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    Does Protein Give You Energy?

    By: Kelsey Kunik RDN / registered dietitian, nutrition consultant, health and wellness writer, and food blogger....

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    Should I Eat a Protein Bar Before or After a Workout?

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  • 2 min prep time

    Vanilla Bean Blueberry Super Oat Bowl

    Protein-packed oatmeal with warm vanilla hints and fresh blueberry topping, featuring ALOHA Vanilla protein powder.

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  • 10 min prep time

    Lemon Cashew “Nice” Cream

    Cool down with this zesty, non-dairy “nice” cream recipe, featuring ALOHA Lemon Cashew protein bars.

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  • 4 min read

    What is a Plant-Based Diet? How to Eat Your Way to Better Health

    By: Shelby Burns What is a Plant-Based Diet? Plant-based eating is one...

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  • 3 min read

    How to Eliminate Decision Fatigue with Daily Routine

    By Tracy Freese, M.A. Communication, Health & Wellness Do you find yourself feeling tired, overwhelmed,...

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