Why are the most nutrient-dense foods also the hardest to get?
Moringa, spirulina, wild blueberries from Alaska? It can be exhausting, not to mention costly, trying to get high quality superfoods that your body needs daily. We make it easy and simple to get what you need (and more), all in one convenient pouch.
• 2 servings of fruits and vegetables
• Patented infrared drying process maintains nutrients
• High quality whole food ingredients and fiber
• Stay-pure pouch keeps powder fresh
• Formulated with the help of over 200 health experts
• Can be mixed into any drink, smoothie, or recipe
• Only 35 calories per pouch
• No artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemicals, or fillers. Ever.
All of them share the same base of 14 superfoods.
Organic Moringa
Nicknamed “the tree of life” and packed with 92 vitamins, minerals, and phytocompounds, Moringa is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth. Thriving in abundance, we ensure that our Moringa is sourced sustainably and never grown with synthetic chemicals or animal fertilizers, ever. Fighting malnutrition worldwide, Moringa is so much more than just a plant – it’s a super hero among superfoods.
+ Provides a broad spectrum of nutrients
+ Offers antioxidant protection
+ Is a complete protein
Organic King Trumpet Mushrooms
Most people think that the best way to get Vitamin D is from the sun or from supplements. But did you know this is the real king of Vitamin D? These UVA- kissed plants provide over 100% of your daily value. This particular species of mushroom has been noted as one of the most natural sources of Vitamin D, integral for a balanced and regulated immune system. Without a doubt, this royal fungus is the one that reins supreme—right here on earth.
+ Provides vitamin D
+ Supports immune system
Organic Wild Alaskan Blueberries
These are not your average backyard blueberries. Grown in the harsh climate of the Alaskan wild, this rare species fights off frigid temperatures in order to survive. By the time they are hand-harvested, they acquire extremely high levels of anti-oxidants, medicinal compounds, and concentrated nutrients. Because the berries have fought till the bitter end, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining their nutritional properties as much as we can with as little processing possible.
+ Detoxifies
+ Provides beneficial pigments
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How do we maintain the nutrient
content of our whole-foods?
Infrared Drying Process
We keep our ingredients whole to retain their fiber – a precious benefit that’s lost in juicing – and gently dry them at low temperatures to preserve 100% of the nutrition, flavor, aroma, and color at their height of freshness.
How do we keep our greens fresher?
Stay-Pure Pouch
We didn’t want our hard work going to waste. When we finally put the Daily Good into on-the-go, stay-pure pouches, we made sure they were not only convenient to take anywhere, but that they’d also maintain their purity and freshness. The material of our stay-pure pouch is specifically designed to keep dry goods and supplements better insulated, creating high-barrier protection against oxygen and moisture.
Greens Taste Good In Any Recipe
ALOHA Recipes Under 10 Minutes.
Pumpkin Seed Spread
Savor the goodness of this spread on toast, salads, or crackers.
Chill Cucumber Soup
A light and healthy meal, cool enough to enjoy any day.
Chocolate Pudding
You deserve some dessert, so why not make it a healthy one?
Vegan Basil Pesto
Enjoy this perfect pesto packed with nutrients!
Tasty wild-harvested coconut water elevates your H2O level.
Chlorophyll-rich greens get your blood pumping.
Boosts Immune System
Vitamin D and beta glucans in mushrooms help bolster your natural defenses.
Spirulina supports your liver and kidneys and helps flush out heavy metals.
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