6 Tips to a Sexy, Successful Relationship

1. Make Time to Make Love

We know you’ve heard it before, but let’s be honest: it’s true. We’re all busy, but the key to keeping any intimate relationship deeply passionate and connected involves dedicating time to making love. The most powerful sense is touch, and there is no replacement for the connection created between the sheets. So do yourself (and your partner) a favor by making time to get hot and heavy. Even if you have to pull out your schedules and write it down, it’s time you’ll never regret setting aside.

2. Go On Adventures Together

Travel, try new activities and move outside your comfort zone together. When we challenge ourselves, we grow, and nothing feels better than experiencing personal growth as a couple. Relationships often face hardship when one person is experiencing personal growth while the other person remains stagnant. Sit down and discuss the places you would like to travel, the exciting activities you would like to try, and set goals for getting out in the world as a unit. You’ll learn about yourself while also expanding the horizons of your relationship, building trust, deepening your friendship and creating excitement.

3. Do Partner Yoga

Speaking of adventures, try partner yoga! Partner yoga is the perfect opportunity to explore balance, enhance trust and learn when to let go. In order to practice partner yoga, both people must be fully present and committed to the moment. Any distraction can result in a moment of imbalance, so partner yoga is a terrific opportunity to connect, breathe as a unit, laugh and hold each other up. Just try playing in your backyard or any open space in your home. Trust your intuition, communicate openly, and remember what it was like to play with your mom or dad when you little while being hoisted into the air by their strong, trustworthy support. Intuition will guide you into the perfect shape. It doesn’t need to be a specific pose, just have fun together while you explore.

4. Give Space

Space is a good thing. Many people perceive space in a relationship as a negative, but take a closer look and consider all of the relationships in your life that benefit from space. For example, it’s important to have space on your credit card. You don’t want to end up in a place where you are constricted by debt. Space leads to perspective, understanding, gratitude and appreciation for the other person. Like a yoga class, the stock market and intimate relationships, there are natural ebbs and flows, ups and downs. It’s not always a predictable or easy thing, but be open to allowing space for those natural fluctuations. If one person asks for a little space—say, to spend time with friends—don’t take it personally and enjoy your time apart constructively. If you find yourself in the climax of an argument, you might have another opportunity to take some space. Rather than allowing the argument to become heated, step away to exercise, go for a walk and use the time to gain positive perspective before returning to transform the conflict. Trust the process.

5. Meditate Together

In our experience, starting each day together in quiet stillness sets the tone for a day full of gratitude, listening and intention. It might not happen every day, but there is no greater way to begin the day than in meditation together. Sitting in the same room, find a comfortable seat. You don’t have to sit next to each other, but be near enough to sense your partner’s presence. You’re meditating together, but at the same time, you’re giving each other space. Then close your eyes and simply sit in stillness. If you’re newer to meditation, you could try the traditional candle-gazing meditation known as “tradak.” Set a candle where you can both see the flame, and with your eyes open, gaze steadily at the flame. Do this for about 10 minutes, then try closing your eyes and continue to hold the flame steady in your mind’s eye. It’s OK to set a timer so that you’re not distracted by watching a clock. Meditating together will most certainly align both partners’ energies so that you are literally on the same page. 

6. Be a Good Listener

The foundation of any healthy relationship is based upon clear communication and listening. The greatest act of giving back is to simply be present and listen. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to express an important thought and feel like you’re not being heard. Being a great listener takes deep patience and deep breathing. Keep your eyes, ears, and, most importantly, your heart open — especially during the most challenging conversations. During an argument, it can be hard to resist jumping to your own defense, but sit tight, hear what your partner has to say, and trust that you’ll have the chance to respond when the time is right. Remember what Winston Churchill once wisely said: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” 

Photo Credit: Amy Goalen