Laura Ann Conroy
Licensed Massage Therapist and Educator | Bliss Spa

Laura Ann Conroy is a New York State-licensed massage therapist and NCBTMB Board-certified massage therapist. In her nine years of practice at Bliss, she has been an educator and mentor to therapists in Bliss and Remède spas domestically and internationally. In addition, Laura Ann has served as a global consultant for the opening of 11 spas. Her contributions to service innovation have led to new body treatments for Bliss and Remède and on the product side, she assisted in the development and roll out of the recently release FatGirl Lean Machine. Conroy received her formal training at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and avidly studies Ortho-Bionomy. She also holds a B.A. in Economics and Business from Stony Brook University.

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