Dr. Pratima Raichur
Aesthetician and Ayurvedic Doctor | PRATIMA Skincare

Visionary and pioneer of the Ayurvedic Skincare field, Dr. Raichur combines the wisdom of Ayurveda with her expertise as a chemist, botanist, aesthetician and ayurvedic doctor to compose a holistic system for skin wellness and a remarkable line of pure, organic products.

Pratima has provided the gift of healing to thousands of men, women and children for over 40 years, rejuvenating complexions and clearing up skin problems that defied treatments by top dermatologists. 

Dr. Raichur is an international lecturer and the author of best-selling book, Absolute Beauty. Her PRATIMA skincare line has captured the hearts of editors at leading beauty and wellness publications across the world. 

How to Achieve Absolute Beauty