So Mercury is in Retrograde. What’s the Big Deal?

It’s not you…it’s Mercury

Chances are you’ve heard someone curse Mercury at least once, blaming the planet for everything from a failed relationship to a major injury. When Mercury falls into retrograde, meaning it appears to be moving backwards from our geocentric perspective, many aspects of our lives seem to fall out of whack and plans go awry.

Mercury is in charge of all things communication-related, such as listening, speaking, learning, and negotiating. Astrologically speaking, when a planet is in retrograde it is essentially taking a vacation from its duties. While Mercury takes a siesta on the beach, the activities that it rules no longer go as planned, or function at peak performance. Had a big fight with your partner? Mercury’s fault. Costly miscommunication at work? That was Mercury, too. Did a lease negotiation fall through? Yep, you guessed it: Mercury.

But don’t let this three-week “communication crisis” period force you to seek refuge under your covers and avoid all human interaction. Instead, take advantage of this astrological phenomenon and focus on the following tasks:

  • Tap into your intuition We are used to following our heads, not our hearts. For the next couple of weeks, dig a little deeper and attempt to make decisions based on how you feel as opposed to what you think you should do. See how this affects your mood and relationships - you may be pleasantly surprised.

  • Increase your flexibility We’re not talking yoga. During this period of unforeseen issues and complications, let go of your control and allow yourself to roll with the punches. Maybe the restaurant you wanted to go to is closed, or the pilates class you take every Friday morning is full. Seize the opportunity to try something new that may be even better than your tried-and-true routine.

  • Reorganize, re-prioritize That cluttered closet or jam-packed bathroom cabinet may be wearing on you more than you know. When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s a good time to go backwards and review your priorities - or just review the amount of stuff you’re hoarding. Cleaning out that closet will help to de-clutter your mind, leaving more room for your thoughts so that you can better communicate with others.

  • Meditate More room in your mind is not only beneficial when it comes to communicating with loved ones, but with yourself, too. Download a meditation app, or check out a meditation studio (which are popping up all across the country!) to find your inner calm and check in with the most important person in your life: yourself.

  • Unleash your creativity When Mercury is in retrograde, it allows us to give our rational, more rigid left-brain a rest and invoke our creative, more fluid right-brains. When things don’t go your way, take the opportunity to put your mind to the test, and think of out-of-the-box solutions.

In just three weeks, all will be right with the world again and you will forget that Mercury was ever in retrograde. Well, at least until next time!