How to Recover from Your Thanksgiving Food Coma

Come November 23rd and our sense of mindful eating will be packed up and forgotten. People start looking forward to the spread of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and red wine days before the big holiday.

The time to reunite, overindulge and share - Thanksgiving is one of the happiest days of the year. Spending quality time with our loved ones over an incredible meal is a long tradition.

Talking while chewing can cause bloating. Even eating too fast can make you feel full within minutes. Result? No room for dessert ;)

But what’s the fun without letting go of yourself sometimes? After all, what is Turkey Day without some sinful eating?

Here is how you can enjoy the feast and limit the later side effects of overindulging:

1. Take A Walk

Sitting on the couch after the dinner and thinking about that chocolate cake will only make you feel worse. Wait for a few minutes after you are done eating and then get up.

Step out of the house, take a deep breath and take a walk. It is one of the most effective tactics to push that extra food down.

Make sure that your pace is slow otherwise you will end up with a stomach ache! Walking after your meal can aid in digesting the food faster and you will feel much, much better.

2. Ensure You Don’t Sip in Between

Avoid drinking gulps of water in between your meal. Not only is it unhealthy but you will also feel full faster.

We usually suffer from fluid retention after the T- Day dinner which makes us feel swollen. Wait for at least 30- 60 minutes before hydrating. Drink water in small quantities in short intervals. Your salt level will get back to normal and you will begin feeling like a human again.

You can also squeeze in a lemon in (warm) water and consume in small sips. This (tried and tested!) method works magically. Consuming lemon water helps in speeding up your digestion and your stomach feels like it can breathe again.

3. Tea can be a Good Idea

You can also drink mint tea after your meal as it can help relieve stomach pain after a humongous meal. It will help in relaxing your intestines and aiding digestion.

Peppermint tea is also effective in relieving stomach troubles. Adding ginger in your tea is also helpful.

4. Work It

2- 3 hours after your meal (to avoid gas or stomach ache), indulge in your favourite exercise - go for a swim or play football with your family.

Not only will you burn all the pounded up calories, but also get over the guilt of eating like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Stay Away From Leftovers

There is always a lot of food which is left uneaten after a Thanksgiving dinner. You can offer guests to take the leftovers with them or keep it away in the refrigerator - just make sure to move the food out of your sight.

If your favourite chocolate cheesecake or creamy hot chocolate stays in front of you, you are bound to get tempted again. You will be back to square one- feeling full and probably with a heavier stomach.

If you really get hungry again, eat a light meal- a salad or something non- fatty.

While it is normal to want to overcome the feeling of being a stuffed turkey after the big Thanksgiving dinner, it is also important to cut yourself some slack.

Holidays are supposed to be full of fun and food and it is perfectly okay to overindulge occasionally. Go on, enjoy the big day with your loved ones and create wonderful memories!