5 Big Reasons Mindfulness Makes Your Life Better

By silencing the mind's constant chatter and focusing on the present, we become more "mindful." It can be confusing, but there is a real reason that freeing your mind is beneficial to your health and well-being. Science now backs up the art of awareness, often practiced through mindfulness meditation, which helps you clear clutter from you mind, observe your thoughts, and accept the moment without judgment or reaction. You might practice mindful movement with yoga poses, which reveal how you handle challenge and discomfort. The process asks you to be aware of your body and breath to uncover the truth of what’s going on, rather than ignore, deny, or push through it. Here are five big reasons mindfulness makes your life better. 

1. You’ll be a Better Person. Mindfulness changes your brain, according to Harvard research and other studies. Those who meditate to clear their minds are less likely to have knee-jerk reactions and are more flexible to handle life without drama. Making more thoughtful decisions is also a byproduct of mindfulness. 

2. You’ll be Less Stressed.Mindfulness teaches you to live in the moment and to pay attention to real thoughts, feelings, and your body without judging. You’ll dwell less on what happened or what could happen, when you are focusing on the present. Worrying less means you’ll be less stressed, and as we all know, stress negatively affects your health.

3. You’ll Have Better Memory. The practice of being in the moment can prevent your mind from wandering, which produces greater focus and better intake of information. Studies show that being mindful increases our memory capacity, helping us to better learn and remember. 

4. You’ll Get Sick Less and Enjoy Life More. A UCLA study showed that mindfulness helped HIV patients’ immunity. Another study found mindfulness had a positive effect on blood pressure. If all your vitals are good, your body will be better equipped to battle viruses and other illnesses. When you feel better, you’ll be able to do more of what you love.

 5. You'll Have Better Relationships. Mindfulness helps you better understand emotions and what triggers them, allowing you to be less destructive to yourself and others. This might mean choosing more supportive friends and partners or being more harmonious in your current relationships. You’ll also treat yourself better, because you’ll be more connected to your own actions. 


If you don’t know where or how to begin your path to living mindfully, try Vie’s Simple Beginner’s Guide to start meditating or dive into these 12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools. It’s time to make your life better. This article was originally published on Live Your Vie. Photo Credit: Pexels