Why Minerals are Good for Your Skin

Minerals are naturally occurring substances that the body needs for health and growth. They carry out important bodily functions, maintain the body’s pH balance, provide structural support, and regulate tissue growth. Better yet, they are a major component of healthy skin.

Many minerals—calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium—are found in foods. You can get them from eating green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, milk, and even ALOHA Daily Good.

Often, minerals are also included in skincare products. Our skin absorbs a large amount of minerals through products that are applied topically—they are used in all of the skin’s processes. Studies have shown that washing your face with mineral water can help reduce skin irritations and help skin cells absorb moisture better.

The Dead Sea is one of the best sources of minerals. It’s often considered the Earth’s largest natural spa. The Dead Sea has the highest concentration of minerals in the world—32 percent. These minerals, which include magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, and iron, are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin, as they rehydrate and rejuvenate. A deficiency in any essential mineral can actually disrupt skin cell activity, leading to issues like inflammation, dryness, and even early aging.

For over 25 years, AHAVA has been responsibly harvesting its timeless ingredients from the Dead Sea, resulting in the finest nature-inspired skincare. As the only beauty company located on the shores of the Dead Sea, AHAVA’s mission is to deliver the virtues of the Dead Sea by harnessing its most extraordinary ingredients and combining them with science to create innovative and efficacious skincare products for consumers worldwide.

AHAVA helps reconnect people with the Earth’s elements in order to bring out the real beauty from within. Powering the entire product range is their exclusive Osmoter™—a perfectly balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals that effectively replenishes, rehydrates, and recharges the skin. AHAVA’s nature-inspired skincare product line also includes the below ingredients to meet every skincare need:

Dead Sea Water—Hydrating water for essential daily body moisture

Dead Sea Mud—Soothing mud for dry, very dry, and sensitive skin

Dead Sea Salt—Invigorating salt to enhance skin’s softness

Dead Sea Plants—Nourishing plants to help with anti-aging and skin pampering

Mineral Botanic—Rejuvenating botanical extracts to gently cleanse, hydrate, and nourish the skin

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Photo Credit: iStock