3 Easy DIY Glowing Skin Treatments

For those rare moments when I am lying around at home, I love to indulge in some extra beauty time. The most fun, cheap, and convenient way to do this is to grab some ingredients from the kitchen, concoct a face mask, and then veg out on the couch while getting prettier and glowier by the minute. Then, I hop into the shower with a homemade scrub to feel my best from head to toe. Afterward, I usually need a nap from all the grooming. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon at home.

Here are three of my favorite beauty recipes right now:

For Exfoliating & Moisturizing…

Mix four tablespoons baking soda with 1 tablespoon honey until it’s a thick paste (add a little extra honey if it’s too thick). Massage onto clean skin, let sit five to ten minutes and rinse off. This one is a lifesaver in the winter and works wonders on sensitive skin.

For Getting Rid of Blackheads & Achieving Generally Perfect Skin…

Mix one tablespoon Aztec Secret Indian Healing Bentonite Clay (Okay, this might not be in your kitchen, but go out and get it immediately. Read the reviews online. It’s cheap, it lasts forever, and is for sell at Whole Foods and most natural grocery stores) with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar. Apply thickly to skin and let sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off gently (it will harden like plaster). Your skin may be red for up to 30 minutes after so this is best for a night in.

For a Silky Smooth Bod…

Mix 1/4 cup coffee grounds with one tablespoon honey and two tablespoons coconut oil. Smell it, but don’t eat it. So good! After you’ve done your normal shower routine, scrub yourself down; pay extra attention to your feet, knees, elbows and any other dry patches. After you’ve rinsed off, massage another tablespoon of coconut oil into your skin before drying off for perfectly soft skin.

What are your favorite DIY beauty recipes? Let us know! 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock