The Simplest Detox Ever

It seems like there a million ways you can “detox.” However, most of us are missing out on the simplest, purest, least-expensive detox in the world: drinking enough water.

Newsflash: Our own bodies are remarkably sophisticated at detoxifying and removing toxins (for free, I might add) but they can’t do it without enough water.

When you don’t have enough water your body’s internal “garbage” builds up in many of your body’s systems, which creates the opportunity for disease and dysfunction.

Water is the universal cleaner in your body, all the way down to the cellular level. If you stay hydrated then you keep your 100 trillion cells better equipped at staying clean, vibrant, healthy, and efficient.

Several systems do most of your body’s cleansing and detoxing, but none of it happens without enough water!

-Even if you did a juice cleanse or detox but you didn’t consume enough water with it, all the junk and toxins the detox was stirring up in your body would not be fully removed by your elimination system. Seriously, any level of constipation (frequently caused by dehydration and a lack of water) slows your body’s elimination system down and allows toxins and garbage to be reabsorbed into the body, making your efforts (and money if you paid for a detox) a total waste. 

-Lymph, a clear watery fluid that circulates in the lymphatic system , bathes and nourishes the cells of all your tissues while it picks up bacteria, abnormal cells, some proteins, and other metabolic waste and brings it all back to your body’s lymph nodes to be destroyed. But it can’t help your immune system flush waste and foreign invaders from the body without enough water in your system to keep it free flowing.

-The lining of your body’s respiratory, gastrointestinal , urogenital, visual, and auditory systems  is all protected by mucus. You want mucus in your body to protect against fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It also helps transport important immune cells, enzymes, proteins, and salts around your body. No water equals no continuous flow of mucus to properly protect and detoxify all your body’s tissues and systems.

-Those are just limited examples showing how critical water is to let our bodies stay healthy, balanced, and detox (no fancy programs, pills, or mixes required).

To do the simplest detox in the world, follow these two key principles:

1. Drink water that is actually capable of helping detox your body. 

This is the tricky part. Just drinking any kind of water may not create the hydration and detoxification you’re looking for. Most of our water has been run through water treatment plants. While this creates technically “clean” water and helps prevent waterborne disease (making it a very necessary process in many places), it really creates a whole new “tea” with a long list of chemicals and additives that bring small foreign particles into your body.

This is not the pure water (on a cellular level) that nature intended your body to use for detoxification and hydration. 

In order to fully hydrate your body, switch to drinking a water source that is reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled.

Why? These types of water are like a perfect, blank canvas for cleansing and hydrating your body because all the little, invisible particles water treatment added have been removed.

You may have been told not to drink distilled water. It’s because electrolytes are removed through the RO or distilling process. Electrolytes are foundational nutrients of the body, and they must be present to create water that’s accessible for your body and cells. The solution is to put them back in your water with Himalayan crystal salts, which add the electrolytes in a pure form.

The electrolytes found in Himalayan crystal salt have been energized in a perfect crystalline form for millions of years to become the right size and proper action of molecules for ideal synergy with your body and cells.

Just add one small pinch of salt per 12-ounce glass, and instead of drinking “tea” with particles, you’re just getting pure water and electrolytes.

2. Drink enough water at the right times to allow your body to detox.

The body is largely all water so drinking enough clean water throughout the day is critical. It starts from the moment you wake up. Keep a water bottle beside your bed so you can grab it first thing in the morning.

From there drink water an hour after breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch, an hour after lunch, and 30 minutes before dinner. This creates a consistent flow of fresh water so your body’s not trying to hoard limited resources.

Aim for a half ounce per pound of body weight. If you are 200 pounds aim for a minimum of 100 ounces of water daily.

Don’t be afraid to drink more! The more you drink, the more your body will want.  

Bottom line? Your body needs water to stay “clean” from the inside out, making water the absolute best detox you can do for your body.

Learn more about hydration, one of the five forces that create a thriving, healthy lifestyle in my book,  SuperLife.

Photo Credit:  Sarah Lee, Jenny Downing