Sneaky Ways To Add More Plants To Your Diet This Summer + Hidden Health Benefits

Summer is the absolute perfect time to focus on adding more plants to your healthy lifestyle. Not only are they hydrating, they are loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that are going to help keep you feeling your best all summer long!

Health Benefits of Eating More Plants

Reduce Bloating

No one wants to feel bloated for a summer weekend away at the lake or beach. Luckily there are a few amazing veggies that can help reduce bloating in a delicious way.

Foods high in potassium like avocado help regulate sodium and prevent water retention. Just another reason why avocados are basically the best food of all time. Another great option is munching on some farmers market fresh cucumbers. Cucumbers are natural diuretics and help flush excess water out of the body. A delicious way to enjoy these crunchy veggies is by dipping them in a homemade hummus.

Glowing Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s important to focus on including skin-loving foods in order to support healthy, glowing skin all summer long. Some of the best foods for healthy skin are plants high in vitamin C and omega-3’s, which help reduce inflammation and support healthy collagen production. Try adding some strawberries to your mid-morning snack and sprinkle chia seeds over your salad and in your smoothies to get a healthy dose of these skin-loving foods.

Healthy Digestion

Plants are full of vitamins, minerals, and FIBER – which is one of the most important pieces to a healthy digestive system. Try adding more leafy greens to your fresh summer salads and morning smoothies to increase your fiber intake and support a healthy tummy.

Sneaky Ways To Add More Plants This Summer

Infused Herbal Tea

Probably one of the most delicious ways to stay hydrated all summer long is with a delicious herbal tea infused with some fresh herbs and berries.

Try making a pitcher of herbal sun tea with ALOHA’s Herbal Beauty Tea infused with some fresh mint, and strawberries. Mint is a wonderful herb for promoting healthy skin (especially for those prone to acne), and strawberries are loaded in vitamin C and other antioxidants that support a healthy body and fight disease.

Fruity Summer Smoothies

Summer is the season for fruit, and there is a reason your body craves it more! Most summer fruits like watermelon, peaches, berries, and strawberries are all high in water and filled with electrolytes, which are perfect for keeping your body hydrated. They also provide a quick source of energy and fiber that will help you stay energized and feeling full for all your summer adventures.

So ditch your boring protein shake, and try making a balanced fruity smoothie like this Very Berry Smoothie Bowlto add more fruits and vegetables this summer, and increase hydration in a delicious way.

Farmers Market Fresh “Pasta”

Is there anything better than stopping at a local farmers market and picking up some fresh veggies that were picked that morning? Take advantage of all the amazing summer produce and replace some of your usual starches with some fresh summer alternatives. One of the easiest swaps is to spiralize up some zucchini “noodles” and use your noodles for a lighter, health conscious pasta dinner.

While there are many fun and creative ways to add more plants into your healthy lifestyle it also can be as simple as swapping out your cheese and crackers, for carrots and hummus. Choose options that fit into your lifestyle, and enjoy the wonderful plant-based foods that summer has to offer! Your body will thank you later.