Is Dairy the Devil?

Is dairy the devil? Well an estimated 75% of the world population doesn’t digest dairy at all. But if you’re one of the lucky few who knows that brie is delicious, you may be wondering: is it deserving of all the health-world hate?

First let me say that I love a good cheese plate, so unless a new Foodtrainers client is lactose intolerant, generally I would never start with them nixing dairy for good. That being said, often people are unaware that they may have a dairy sensitivity, and all that cheese and yogurt may be behind their chronic bloating, GI discomfort, skin freakouts and breakouts and more.

When it comes to dairy, not all is created equal. First of all, skim anything has got to go. That means adding skim milk to coffee and having 0% yogurt too. That fat is where it’s at, for your weight, for your skin, and for fertility too. I also highly recommend going organic and grass-fed wherever you can.

If you are ready to go to the next level: stick with fermented dairy only! Fermented dairy products like greek yogurts, kefir, ghee, and cultured cottage cheese, contain beneficial probiotics that help with digestion and actually can make dairy have benefits. Fermenting dairy increases it’s levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, and biotin. Plus, all those good probiotics are great for your mood, your weight, and your immune system. And interestingly, even people who are generally lactose intolerant or sensitive tend to have a much easier time with these probiotic products too.

So while I’d definitely suggest backing off on all the skim insanity, if you’re going to do dairy, 2% or whole, fermented dairy products are nutritionist approved. And if you’re noticing chronic bloating or skin issues, sometimes limiting dairy for a few weeks can show huge changes. Time to get super in tune with how food is making you feel. (and I’d love to help!).