How a Vegetarian Olympic Gold Medalist Gets Protein

There are may ways for vegetarians to get enough protein. Olympic Gold Medalist, Julia Dujmovits tells us about her diet choices, and life as a vegetarian athlete. 

Why did you choose to eliminate meat products from your diet?

I travel a lot. During the snowboard season I stay in a different hotel nearly every week. It was impossible to know where the meat was coming from—that is the reason why I eliminated meat products entirely.

Did you notice a change in energy when you went vegetarian?

My body and mind somehow felt cleaner.

Do you have to eat a lot more volume while training and competing?

I probably should, but I am not the best eater.

Did you notice a change in your performance?

In my case it’s just a better overall feeling. I have to make sure to get my protein to keep my performance on a top level.

What are your main sources of protein?  

I love the chocolate ALOHA Protein!

In a meat-heavy culture like Austria, is there ever confusion or criticism regarding your vegetarian lifestyle?

Confusion yes, but criticism no. For sure it’s not the most common in Austria especially for an athlete.

Do you miss eating meat?

No. My boyfriend is actually a really good cook, and so I thought, okay, maybe let’s try again. I tried a little bit, but I didn’t like it anymore.

What are your favorite vegetarian meals?

Vegetables with couscous and coconut milk.

Does your diet change when you are competing? If so, how?

Yes, cooking in my own kitchen makes it way easier in summer time. It’s always challenging to get healthy food if you are on the road. I always make sure to have shakes with me.

Photo Credit: Georg Dujmovits