Hemp Hearts: Putting the "Super" in Superfood

If you’re looking for an easy yet powerful way to boost your nutritional intake, look no further than hemp hearts, the inner white or light green kernels found inside hard hemp seeds. Putting the “super” in superfood, these magic little morsels are one of nature’s few complete proteins, packing a huge punch for your health in each and every serving. Read on to learn how sprinkling 2 to 4 tablespoons to your yogurt, cereal, salads, or mixing the into your favorite smoothies can enhance not only your tastebuds with their naturally nutty flavor, but overall diet and well-being.

Energy Booster The combination of the complex carbohydrates and protein of hemp hearts aide in improving fatigue and boosting the immune system. By naturally increasing energy levels without the addition of stimulants such as caffeine or sugar, they for make a smarter, healthier addition to meals or snacks than reaching for an energy bar. Plus, hemp’s high concentration of protein helps curb hunger between meals, while many energy bars riddled with fillers tend to only satiate your appetite for shorter periods of time.

Digestive Dream Not only are they easily digestible, but hemp hearts are also high in fiber, helping to improve the health of your gut by keeping things moving in the body’s elimination process. Studies have shown that soluble fibers (which dissolve in water and can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol) have helped to lower levels of LDL cholesterol, while insoluble fibers (helps move things through the digestive tract) have been linked with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

All of the Aminos A natural one-stop source to find all 20 amino acids, hemp hearts is one of only a few food sources that feature all nine essential amino acids that are not produced in the body.

Mighty Omegas Chockfull of healthy omega fatty acids that help transport oxygen to cells throughout the body, hemp hearts help to significantly lower your recovery rate after a good workout as well as play an important role in muscle building and fat loss. Plus, they are also a source for gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a hard-to-get omega-6 fatty acid known to help with ADHD, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and multiple sclerosis, among others.

Allergens Be-gone There are no known allergies associated with hemp hearts so they can be consumed by those unable to tolerate nuts, gluten, lactose, or sugar.

Loaded With More Good Stuff Plus these little guys are rich in vitamin E (needed for oxidizing cholesterol, repairing damaged skin, and balancing hormones) and minerals such as phosphorus (needed for healthy bones and teeth), potassium (aides in muscle and nervous system function), sodium (maintains blood pressure and necessary for transmitting nerve signals), magnesium (also needed for muscle and nerve function, as well as bone strength and steadying the rhythm of the heart), sulfur (cellular health), calcium (for strong bones, teeth, and muscle function), iron (oxygen transmitter) and zinc (necessary for immunity and tissue repair), which the body requires to maintain your overall health.

Who knew something so tiny could help do so much? How will you be adding hemp hearts to your diet?