6 Reasons Why Wheatgrass Is a Winner

Wheatgrass has been an icon for healthy, clean eating for decades. The green superfood became popularized amongst health fanatics in the 70’s, but was generally viewed as an extreme health measure - not something for the average person. However, wheatgrass is just too darn awesome to remain a niche food. Here are six reasons why wheatgrass is a winner:

1. Wheatgrass is a great source of protein! In fact, it packs more protein than both broccoli and spinach in the same serving size. Are you starting a vegetarian or vegan diet? We commend your valiant transition, but your body may not give you the same love right away. When we lack protein, we tend to slow down, and nobody has time for that nonsense. By drinking wheatgrass, you’re fitting in those essential amino acids, and amino acids make up protein! Science is fun!

2. Wheatgrass will boost your metabolism. Everyone seems to hawk one product or another, claiming they can boost your metabolism and make you look awesome without lifting a finger. Well… that’s not true. Hate to break it to you but, in order to look great, you have to exercise. You have to eat smart and clean. You have to exert ENERGY. But guess what? Wheatgrass is like a little personal trainer for your body. The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass stimulates your body by enriching the blood. Still with us? Good! It’s probably because you had some wheatgrass today.

3. Wheatgrass helps you have awesome skin. We live in a dirty world and our skin is incessantly put to the test. By the end of the day, your face has been through a lot, and wheatgrass will help combat those icky elements. By taking a dose of wheatgrass, you will be one step closer to having glowing skin that even Nicole Kidman will envy.

4. Wheatgrass makes you smarter! Well, wheatgrass may not help you solve algebraic graph theories anytime soon, but it will certainly bring you one step closer. Because of those enzymes we’ve been talking so much about, ingesting wheatgrass will promote healthy brain function. Go ahead, start that Rosetta Stone you’ve been putting off.

5. Wheatgrass helps prevent illness. Regardless of the season it seems people are constantly coming down with colds. The instant one co-worker becomes sick, it is only a matter of time before the whole office goes down. Give your immunity a boost with wheatgrass! It’s rich in vitamins and minerals and by taking some, you can be that one person in the office who is gallivanting around doing kickstands at their desk while everyone else is stocking up on DayQuil and cartons of tissues.

6. Wheatgrass will help you… There is really no delicate way of putting it, wheatgrass will help you poop. It is high in magnesium, which helps the body do its thing regularly, aiding in digestion and detoxification. Go ahead, indulge in your favorite dessert every once and a while. If you’re downing your daily dose of wheatgrass, you need not worry about the pesky after effects (in the bathroom, at least).

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Photo credit: iStock