How Meditation Can Make You A Better Athlete

Being an athlete is not just about being at the top of your game and training for hours. It also involves mental capacities, as only a stable mind can heighten performance. Research has shown that meditation has had a positive impact on athletic performance. Mindful meditation is a great way to decrease stress, stimulate your productivity, and increases focus. This practice helps individuals focus their mind on one thing in an emotionally calm state with absolute mental clarity. Here is exactly how meditation can help you as an athlete:

  1. Teaches You To Deal With Fear 
    When fear hijacks our mind, meditation can act as a savior. Fear can cause many issues for an athlete. As an athlete, your biggest competition is with yourself and your self-doubts. Meditation can give you ways to overcome the fear and confront every challenge with a positive attitude. How? It calms the part of the brain where fear generates, and teaches you to eliminate self-doubt. It helps us to put aside our negative beliefs, and lets us focus on who we are as an athlete. It also shifts our belief system to embrace our true abilities.

  2. It Helps You Focus Better
    One of the most important traits of an athlete is having the ability to focus. No matter what sport you play, focus is the key; it decides your performance in the game. With all the pressure of the game and training, it can be difficult to remain focused. This focus is what determines how the game goes. And if you’re not focused, chances are that you may lose the game. Mindful meditation trains the mind to focus. With this improved focus on the game, you won’t miss a shot.

  3. Strengthens The Immune System
    Did you know that meditation works towards creating a greater dynamism within the body, which in turn promotes better health? As an athlete, getting sick does not let you perform to your fullest ability, and sometimes to allow you to play at all. Meditating can improve your health as it starts with your mind, then goes on to taking care of your body. Not only does mindful meditation elevate our mental capacity, but it can strengthen our physical performance in the game.

  4. Brings Spirit Back Into The Sport
    Sometimes when we are competing, we often lose the meaning of what the sport means to us. We stop enjoying and it becomes all about the win. As stressful as it may be, meditation helps us focus on the spirit of the sport. And with our passion and love of sport flamed, it can ignite the power of performance. Meditation can remind us of the joy the sport brings to us. Unknowingly, it elevates our potential and teaches us to enjoy the game.

  5. Reduces Stress Levels
    Athletes are always under pressure before the game, and even during. But they pride themselves on being able to manage even in high-stress environments. By reducing the stress toxins in the body, meditation brings you peace of mind. And a peaceful athlete can concentrate better on the game. Meditating a little before the big game can help you cope with the pressure of the game better. The truth is, atheletes experience a rollercoaster of emotions. What meditation does is stabilize those emotions.

  6. Builds Resilience To Play
    As an athlete, it is common to experience failure, which is sometimes hard to come back from. It is important not to let failure determine your skills. Despite failures, meditation teaches you to pick yourself up and try until you succeed. It does so by detaching the mind from negative thoughts that keep you from achieving your goals. The fear of failure can fill our mind with a lot of negativity. Mindful breathing and meditation bring our focus back to the present by coping with the stress.

These are a few ways in which an athlete can get his or her game up through practicing meditation. Athletes train over and over to perfect their skills. Meditation gives them that extra edge that can help them win the game. The mindful thinking and focused nature of meditation can take an athlete to the next level. And, in a way, it makes them a better player.