Means of Meditation

May is meditation month, and we want to address the elephant in the room that for many, just the word “meditation” can be off-putting.

It conjures visions of heavy-handed yoga teachers admonishing your lack of mindfulness, or that one attempt you made that ended in a back spasm after 20 minutes. Not exactly relaxing associations.

But the literal definition of meditation is “to engage in contemplation or reflection,” and this can be done in myriad ways. There are many means of meditation.

Any time that you dedicate for yourself when you are able to clear your mind can be used as meditation. Don’t let de stressing be something else that stresses you out.

Some people find certain personal care meditative, like taking a bath or doing a face mask. A few members of our team mentioned that in summer, laying out in the sun (don’t forget sunscreen!) brings them to a sort of meditative half-sleep.

One of the more beneficial methods of meditation is repetitive, low impact exercise, particularly if it’s done outside. Taking a walk (or a hike) outside is a beautiful way to clear your mind, because it requires little attention to what you are doing and it creates a rhythm that helps to bring you to a place of calm.

We love that May is meditation month because it’s just the right time of year to be outside. So this May, if you’re a little uncomfortable with the general idea of meditation, we challenge you to ease into it with a walk through the park, on a trail, over a mountain…whatever is available to you. Leave your phone at home and just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. The results just might surprise you.