Tigernut Protein Pancakes

So what is a tigernut, anyway? While these look like nuts and have the word "nut" in the name, they are actually a root vegetable. How freakin' cool is that?! The texture is chewy—similar to a popcorn—but chewier yet.

Why are they good for you? For starters they are made up of resistant starch. This is a type of prebiotic (different from a probiotic), but essentially does the same thing by feeding the good bacteria in your gut.  They are also high in fiber, potassium, and heart healthy fats!

Plus, they are loaded with protein, which regulates your blood sugar without causing it to spike.


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Plant-Based Protein Powder


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  1. In a bowl, mash one banana. Stir in flour and half of a protein packet.
  2. Add in almond milk, and mix well. Pour half of the crumbled chocolate pieces into the batter
  3. Place a nonstick pan onto the stove at medium heat, and pour about 1/4 cup of batter on top for each pancake  Give individual pancakes a flip when they start to turn a golden brown. (Note: these do not hold like regular pancakes, so you may have to wait a bit longer for the batter to cook.)
  4. Drizzle chocolate sauce on top of the pancakes and sprinkle the chocolate pieces on top! Add fruit of choice for a fresh, fiber-filled addition (I used blueberries).