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"This handmade, organic chocolate bar is a revolutionary and delicious dairy-free treat made with fair-trade cacao and packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and greens that are the equivalent of one serving of fruits and vegetables..."
- Oprah
"The traveler’s answer for on-the-go juicing."
- vogue
"... high-tech healthy."
- Bazaar
"Using Aloha as a resource while traveling is smart and easy, and offers a way to keep a balanced diet in the face of airport food courts and questionable in-flight meal options."
- Cool Hunting
"... new sexier supplements to boost your health. "
- Well + Good
"... editor-approved New York Fashion Week essentials."
- Stylist
"There’s a new health-hangover cure on the block."
- Dujour
"On-the-go hydration and nourishment..."
- Fast Company
"A must-have for fashion month..."
- Style
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Please contact for all press inquiries